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‘Disruptive Pattern Material’ is the commonly used name for a camouflage pattern used by the British Armed Forces. Frederick is an alias used by prodigious talent, Peter Oakden. Allowing him to move around easily in different musical circles with anonymity. The release of his brilliant debut LP is undoubtedly going to change that. Support from some of the industry’s most respected artists, Osunlade / Sasse / Rainer Truby / Atjazz and Craig Smith, having been streaming in and once you’ve listened to the album, you’ll understand why.

Having released his first single in early 2012 on Phil Asher’s – Restless Soul imprint, Peter has since released work on a selection of reputable labels. These include Development Music, Miseredits Germany, Local Talk, Deeper Shades Recordings and Soul Free Records. A clear indication of the quality of his output at this early stage in his career as a producer.

Fifty Fathoms Deep, co-owned and run by Peter Oakden and Craig Smith ( 6th Borough Project ), will release ‘Disruptive Pattern Material’ on vinyl, in two parts, followed by it’s release on CD.

Disruptive Pattern Material [Pattern 1] – LP (Limited colour vinyl) – Released March 17th



  • A1 An Artists Struggle (Intro)
  • A2 Episode Of Love
  • A3 I’m Still…
  • B1 I’m Still Here
  • B2 Got No Time To Waste

Disruptive Pattern Material [Pattern 2] – LP (Limited colour vinyl) – Released March 24th


  • A1 Be Free
A2 What Can I Be
B1 The Blackness
  • B2 Over You
B3 Heart Strings (Outro)

Disruptive Pattern Material – CD – Released March 31st

The album is set in motion with a powerful speech titled ‘An Artists Struggle’ which lays the foundation and sets the tone for the rest of the record. A slow burning groove punctuated with sublime synth follows and you’re transported into the deep in an ‘Episode Of Love’… ‘I’m Still’ provides a brief interlude, as distant keys are brought to the fore juxtaposed with spaced out effects and then fade into the distance. Only to return as a piano line which precedes the steady kick on ‘I’m Still Here’…The songs work with one accord and each opens a door to deliver you deeper into an emotionally moving body of work. An album that should be listened to in it’s entirety, from start to finish. A single concept expressed eloquently in ten parts.

An interview with Peter Oakden

We caught up with the DJ, producer and label owner for a brief chat ahead of the release of his debut album. He’s also kindly provided us with a mix for this weeks podcast.


Please introduce yourself to our community.

I’m Peter Oakden, DJ, producer and record label owner. Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England but now living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How long have you been DJing / producing Music and how did you get started?

I first started to DJ 13 years ago, however I started to produce music quite late on maybe 5 or 6 years ago just beat making on Reason. That led into musical arrangements on Logic Pro, which is now my main platform to work off, along with Machine and Pro Tools. I’m totally self taught, which I think is really important as it helps you develop and define your own sound.

Tell us about your debut release and how you got signed to Restless Soul.

One day Phil ( Asher ) gave me an open invitation to produce a song for restless soul… ‘Can’t Take No More’ was the result of that.

You’ve recently launched Fifty Fathoms Deep with Craig Smith. How did it come about and what’s your vision / aim for the label?

Craig approached me, I gladly said yes, the rest was simple. Our vision for the label is to explore our musical tastes and release quality music from unknown and recognised artists alike.

‘Disruptive Pattern Material’ An interesting album title. Why ‘DPM’?

Disruptive Pattern Material is a camouflage, a way to disguise yourself from others. Frederick is an alias, so I needed to camouflage myself to make sure no one could pick me out too easily. It also allows me to move around in different musical circles without being seen easily, only heard. I was also in the military for 6 years after leaving high school which is the most obvious reason, plus the play on words, using patterns and material for musical purposes.

What is the message you’re hoping to convey through the Music?

I don’t have a message for you I’m afraid. But I love the fact that people can totally express themselves when listening to music. If it happens to be mine, even better.

What / who inspires you?

Listening to other peoples music inspires me. Family, friends, my surroundings in this beautiful city inspire me. I share a studio with Craig, he inspires me. There are many inspirations.

What are the future plans for Peter Oakden?

I hope to tour more as a DJ. I’m yet to find an agent who can help me pursue this, feels like the last piece of the jigsaw to be honest.  I’m constantly working on new projects for myself and with others there’s plenty to look forward to. I’m also doing a lot of mixing and engineering for Craig Smith’s recent solo projects, remixes and his forthcoming LP.

Thank You for taking the time out to chat with us and for your valued contribution to the Music we love.

Thank you for having me. Take care.




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